Adventure Outdoors LLC

Adventure Outdoors LLC and its divisions, Glenwood Adventure Company and Lakota Guides, have been offering whitewater adventures in Colorado for over 30 years. Here’s more about us and our owners.

We’ve evolved over time to be your complete Adventure Outfitter in Western Colorado. Our mission is to provide one-of-a-kind memories with your safety in mind. We’re the leader in Colorado’s adventure industry. We strive to give you a world of activities to choose from, and we’re confident you’ll find an adventure that will exceed your expectations.

Adventure Outdoors LLC has a number of adventure outposts in some of the most popular destinations in Colorado. We have offices in the Vail Valley, Glenwood Springs, and Buena Vista.  We’re able to provide guests with access to some of Colorado’s most awe inspiring landscapes and unique destinations.

Our talented team of experienced outdoorsmen/women will make sure your trip is the best it can possibly be. Our staff was hand picked for their passion of the outdoors and their desire to share it with visitors. Their enthusiasm and knowledge enhances the experience and turns an average adventure into an unforgettable one.

The Lakota tagline, “Weird but Cool” sums up the guys who own this operation. They have over 100 combined years of experience. The owners each began their careers in the outdoor industry as guides prior to GoPros and self-bailing rafts. They work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure everyone is having the time of their lives!

Meet The Owners

Jim Bair grew up on Bair Ranch, a 5500 acre private ranch in spectacular Glenwood Canyon. Jim and his family have been customizing a premier outdoor experience for almost 3 decades. The adventures offered at Bair Ranch include horseback riding, ATV tours, and Jeep tours. A varsity basketball coach, Jim is a towering athlete with a great passion for the outdoors, especially hunting, throughout the world!

Ken Murphy, a native of Dublin, Ireland, brings experience managing operations for large outdoor activity companies in Colorado. He began his career in the outdoor industry as a river guide on The Arkansas and Colorado rivers. He’s one of the lucky ones that has been able to make a career of it. Ken is sports science and business graduate from London, England. He’s a family man that enjoys traveling around the world in the winter, supporting his ski racing daughters.

Karl Borski  is our river expert. His goal is to insure that every guest has the most exciting time and enjoys the wonderful waters Colorado has to offer. Karl has been in the guiding business for over 20 years, spending several years paddling in countries such as Chile, Panama, and Guatemala. Karl also lived for several years in Honduras running a raft company. A hockey coach in the winter, Karl has two talented hockey playing daughters.


All Horseback Rides, ATV / RZR Adventures, and Sporting Clays are operated by our partner company High Canyon Adventures.