Five cool things to look out for on our Roaring Fork River trip:

If you’ve visited any Colorado town from Aspen to Glenwood Springs, you’ve probably spotted parts of the Roaring Fork River. Just over 70 miles long, it drops over 6,000 feet in elevation and is a hot commodity among fishermen, standup paddle boarders and rafters.
There’s a few reasons why this trip is one of the most popular bookings for Glenwood Adventure Company, even into the late season. What makes it so unique from our Colorado River trip?

Here’s some things you’re likely to spot when joining us on the Roaring Fork:

Mount Sopris.
At 12,953 feet, this iconic peak looms over the town of Carbondale and stands out vastly against red rock mountains lining the river. Even in mid-summer, snow can be seen patched over the higher parts of the mountain and in the traverse between the two summits. Makes for quite the backdrop, and even better that there’s no highway in close proximity to distract from the serenity.

Wildlife, wildlife, wildlife.
For all the animal-lovers, bird-watchers and Nat Geo enthusiasts out there, this river is one of the best for spotting mule deer, mink, marmots, blue heron, osprey, turkey, hawks and bald eagles (‘MERICA!). If you’re in the right spot at the right time, maybe you’ll see a flock of Canada geese land near the boat, or watch a bald eagle and osprey (or two fishermen) duke it out for a recent caught trout.

Your dream house.
Ever wonder what it would be like to live in a multi-million dollar, waterfront home? Go ahead and pick out your favorite as you pass by stunning architecture and vast riverside properties. Wave hello to our friendly locals and do your best to make friends so you can be invited over.

A confluence of rivers.
Depending on the water flow and booking time, you will see two to three separate rivers on this trip. As you head north from the Roaring Fork River, you may pass the Crystal River running south from Marble and eventually end up on the Colorado River running east from Rocky Mountain National Park. Each river usually has a difference in color and there is a definite difference in temperature. Dip a hand in and let us know which one is the most refreshing!

Your kids having the time of their lives.
Corny jokes, splash wars, bull-riding and just enough rapids to keep the summer heat away—we’ve got you covered for the perfect family raft trip. Our guides will throw in cool facts about the area and the wildlife for some education, but Glenwood Adventure Company is all about the fun.
(Water guns and pirate puns are highly recommended.)

By Jenn Cleary
Senior Raft Guide at Glenwood Adventure Company